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Cavalia’s Trot to Success

A theatrical equestrian performance which featured 50 horses and 43 multinational artists captivated 88,000 audience members in Singapore.

Singapore, 10 December 2014 –  Cavalia premiered in August 2014 with 56 shows at the White Theatre Tent next to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The poignant performance brought in an impressive profit, even extending its show for a week due to popular demand.

During its running, occupancy rate for 50% of its shows reached a profitable rate of 80%. Cavalia’s popularity in Southeast Asia was expected due to its positive feedback from audiences globally; America, Paris, Canada and more. Las Vegas Magazine even claimed it as “One of the most spectacular hybrids of modern theatre in the world”.

Cavalia is the brainchild of Normand Latourelle, who was also one of the co-founders of famed Cirque du Soleil. With a brilliant mind behind the show, Cavalia had all the trappings for success. The show is a harmonious celebration of beauty and nature, an epic adventure coupled with fantastic demonstrations of horsemanship. The show casts 50 beautiful horses and features 46 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from all over the world. A show unlike any other, Cavalia celebrates the relationship between humans and horses, virtually reinventing the equestrian arts.

In Cavalia, horses cavort with artists amidst a constantly changing 60 metre wide digital backdrop  inside the 2,440 square metre tent. TODAY, a Singaporean newspaper raved gave it 5 stars saying it was “an awe-inspiring experience with the best mix of equestrian and performing arts.”

During its exclusive season in Singapore, tickets were priced from SGD$58 to SGD$288, with the most exclusive tickets allowing patrons to tour Cavalia’s stables after the show, enjoy a cocktail or dinner reception, and much more. Milan Rokic, Managing Director of BASE Entertainment Asia, the company that brought Cavalia to Asia stated, “Cavalia [was] extremely well received here in Singapore and we are really pleased audiences have loved the show”.