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The Star Trek Academy Experience

Trekkies can now graduate as a cadet from the Starfleet Academy.

Come May 2016, Trekkies can take their dedication for an iconic brand to an intergalactic level from being a fan to graduating as a cadet when EMS Entertainment unveils the highly anticipated, The Starfleet Academy Experience. EMS Entertainment, a renowned portfolio under Tremendous Entertainment Group (or TEG), is spearheading this monumental project in conjunction with Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

The exhibit will kickoff at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. At the Starfleet Academy, aspiring cadets will partake in carefully thought out experiences crafted after actual scenarios based on the series and movies. Starfleet Academy cadets will undertake courses in the fields of science, engineering, medicine and command before graduating as a reputable cadet. In the sprawling 10,000 square foot interactive experience space, Trekkies will come face-to-face with the seemingly unbeatable Kobayashi Maru scenario onboard a Starship replica. Snippets from the series featuring legendary Starfleet officers and personnel will be woven throughout the experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the likes of DATA, Captain Kirk and the legendary Spock.

The experience will take roughly 60 minutes but Trekkies should prepare for a whole day of games, infograms and displays showcasing the influence of Star Trek in today’s world. Enriched with the science behind the fiction of Star Trek, participants will learn about experiments like teleporters, NASA’S warp driver theory and phasers amongst others. This highly interactive journey will also give cadets a chance at learning the Klingon language and partaking in a medical assessment of an alien body using a tricorder.

The experience will tour through Canada and The United States. The exhibit has confirmed shows at Intrepid Museum, NYC and Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa. Several other museums have expressed interest and the tour schedule will be announced to the public soon.