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Tremendous Entertainment Group
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Singapore, 01 December 2014 – Hi-5 World, the company behind the popular pre-school brand Hi-5, EMS Entertainment, one of the leading entertainment exhibition companies in the world, and Base Entertainment Asia, one of the premier live entertainment promoters based in Singapore, have been consolidated under a common platform to form Tremendous Entertainment Group, or TEG.


As the owner and licensee of some of the most dynamic I.P.’s that are focused on Content, Live Entertainment, and Midway Attractions, TEG is uniquely positioned to be one of Asia’s leading family entertainment operators.


Being IP centric, TEG adopts a 360-degree approach towards building the consumer experience via an in-house consumer platform.   A good example of this comprehensive approach is the globally recognized and iconic children’s edutainment brand, Hi-5. The company has taken it from television programming and expanded into live stage shows worldwide, music, merchandise, and other forms of licensing.


“The way TEG has built up and expanded Hi-5 through their hands-on approach has greatly increased our visibility to our target audience, as well as building our fan base worldwide. We believe that with TEG, our show has the potential to be the number one children’s live entertainment show that will continue to be relevant and in demand to a global audience” says Julie Greene, who is the producer of Hi-5 based in Sydney, Australia.


Plans are currently in the works for a chain of pre-schools, academies, and playhouses that will embrace the teaching philosophy inherent in the shows format which supports the child’s growth in all areas, including cognitive, social-emotional, creative and physical. A localized tv format for the Malaysian market, and an animated version will also be available soon.


Datuk Jared Lim, Chairman of TEG, says “TEG’s portfolio of brands offers a unique value proposition not just to the end consumer who must choose where to spend their discretionary income, but also to investors who are seeking growth industries with almost unlimited potential—and for this region, the entertainment media space is growing at unprecedented levels due to a growing middle class with a higher discretionary income at their disposable.”


TEG bases its portfolio of brands on 3 main pillars–Live Entertainment, which includes Base Entertainment Asia, Midway Attractions, managed by EMS Entertainment, and Content, comprised of Hi-5 and other media IP’s currently under incubation.

Base operates one of the most prestigious venues in Asia at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore where it has brought a wide array of international live shows across genres such as, plays, musicals, music concerts, dance, circus, tribute bands, magic and children’s shows. Recently, Base introduced Cavalia, the equestrian spectacular to Singapore as the Asian premiere where it has been a resounding success.

EMS Entertainment is a leading entertainment exhibitor that has exclusive rights to renowned global brands such as CSI: The Experience, Star Trek the Exhibition, Barbie Live, Sound of Music, Barbie the Dreamhouse Experience, and owns the rights for Dinoscovery, Leonardo Da Vinci and Terracotta Army. With 4 permanent venues in the U.S., 1 in Europe, and its first Asia based venue, which opened in 2014, EMS is building a footprint of mid-way attraction venues across the world.


The magic behind TEG is their in-house creative team, Tremendousness, which is the in-house creative and consumer platform that works behind the scenes to bring immense value to TEG’s global and iconic brands.


“TEG provides an environment where creativity flourishes, and its that characteristic which enables our team to think outside the box and come up with insights that engage the target audience” says Darrin Lin, a multi-award winning creative director from the U.S., and the leader of the creative team.


Tremendousness helps TEG to develop proprietary digital strategies in new media; implements a full process of merchandising from design, sourcing, 3D modeling, inventory management, and pricing; imparts branding exercises through marketing and design; conceptualizes new ideas to enhance visitor experiences; and undertakes programming which encompasses website design, applications, and digital campaigns.