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Hi-5 is a multiple award-winning children’s programme created in 1998. 18 years after its inception, it still remains one of the most popular children’s edutainment shows in the world, with an estimated weekly global audience of 10 million broadcasted to over 85 countries. Hi-5 is continually expanding its brand into different areas for growth.

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The popular children’s show features 5 international cast members who educate and entertain fans worldwide.

Revenue has increased dramatically through international sales via Channel 10, Australia and Disney Asia Junior (DAJ), Asia. DAJ created an instant platform in 18 markets like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Broadcast has reached as far as Latin America (Discovery Channel), Africa & South Africa (KTV), Middle Eastern Territories (MBC & E Junior) and America (KCET Channel). A recent venture with Netflix will have Hi-5 air in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Latin America on the renowned on-demand streaming portal. The TV programme has also made it on air, literally on in-flight entertainment servers at airlines such as Garuda, Emirates, Qantas and more.
Hi-5 increased its online presence through Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, websites & mobile applications. Its latest social media efforts increased the Facebook fan base to 705,000 as of Jan 2016.
TV Show Production
The show has 645 half hour episodes to date and will continue to produce 1 season yearly

360° Business Model

The Hi-5 brand has extended beyond television programmes into stage shows, brand licensing, music, merchandise and education.

  • Future Plans

To further grow the brand in 2016, Hi-5 is in the works to expand its tour routes to countries with a strong Hi-5 presence on free-to-air and cable channels. Localised formats of the show as well as spin-offs are also in negotiations. Hi-5 World is also creating new revenue streams with unique endeavours like the Hi-5 Performance Academy.

Some new ventures in 2015:

Hi-5 Animation:
A 52 episode animation series featuring the Hi-5 cast stumbling upon dilemmas all over the world, and solving problems with teamwork and special powers.

Hi-5 House of Learning:
Hi-5’s first ever preschool in Damansara, Malaysia where kids learn through play.

Hi-5 Playland:
A 2,800 sq ft space in Gandaria City Mall featuring the Hi-5 House where kids can run, play and learn in the interactive activity rooms and fun play area.
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