We are an Entertainment-Media & Technology player focused on the thriving Asia Pacific market by leveraging on our long standing partnerships with global brands. Since founded in 2013, we have produced and licensed unique IPs, using technology to enhance the entertainment experience expanding across Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, China and Japan with expansions into Thailand and Indonesia soon. 

Our mission is to deliver world-class, ground-breaking entertainment that connects with global audiences. We consistently push boundaries to present, produce, create and distribute content that keeps up with the ever-changing consumption preferences of audiences today. 

We have 4 core divisions that make us Tremendous.

Live Entertainment

BASE Entertainment Asia is a renowned presenter of the world’s best live theatrical brands that have been mesmerising millions of people since 2010. We manage the Sand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands while creating and delivering exceptional live entertainment experiences across genres and locations. We are a trusted partner for international IP owners and producers to bring their productions to life on our stage.


We have been the trusted, multi-skilled integrated partner with exclusivity to shows at the Sands Theatre. We have presented and managed a variety of live shows and events from the family-friendly Matilda to the luxurious Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition and even the award-winning Disney’s Frozen. We always put forth quality experiences and entertainment suited to a renowned venue like MBS. 

Immersive Experiences

We are presenters and producers of immersive experiences outside of Singapore. We are the preferred international partner for a diverse portfolio of entertainment content that transforms vision into reality. We also license and develop several immersive experience focusing in APAC including Magic Mike Live.

Magic Mike

Media Production & Distribution

We collaborate with global brands to create and distribute media content across multiple formats and channels including television and digital platforms. We also furnish distribution for third-party IPs enabling content creators to expand in Asia. We create and distribute content across multiple platforms such as family, edutainment and reality TV. 

Tremendous Junior ImagineTV

Direct to Consumer

We engage audiences across digital platforms and streaming services with data-driven strategies, optimizing revenue generation while utilizing a customer-first approach. 

Media Lab

As an innovation-driven media incubator, our Lab uses data-driven prototyping to align consumer experiences with desires creating AR/VR/XR devices and other platforms to assist the monetization of our Group.